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Top 8 Bitcoin Crash Game Sites in 2022

The Bitcoin and other crypto are hot this time of year and everyone who is not participating in trading their coins tends to double them with an easier way. I’m talking, of course, of Crypto Crash Games.

There are a lot of them and it’s crucial to choose the right one to wager our precious coin and make them more with a few simple clicks.

Here, I listed the 8 best Crypto & Bitcoin crash game websites that I think might come in handy once you decided to double your cryptos the easy way!

1. Crypto Crash Game

goabit Crypto & Bitcoin Crash Game Site

First and foremost, it is goabit, which is the original bitcoin crash game and the most popular and most trusted site in the industry.

It features a simple all-in-one crash game that players love and make money without really doing anything complicated.

They just bet and wait for multiplier to go up and cash out before the game busts.

goabit is a regulated crypto crash website and is following all the guidelines set by “Provably Fair” and Crypto Foundation.

2. Bustabit Crash Site

bustabit bitcoin crash site

Another well know the crash website is called Bustabit. It is also one of the oldest games in the industry and has a lot of active players.

This site is licensed and is also can be proven fair by third-party applications.

Winning crash in on Bustabit is easy, but sometimes, the game doesn’t go where you wanted it to go, so be careful about that!

3. Roobet Bitcoin Crash

roobet bitcoin crash site

Roobet is one of the newer crash game sites that takes you on a graphical and artistic journey to the moon.

It is designed with a lot of complicated graphical elements. While some believe this helps the players achieve more crypto, some say too many graphics actually distract them to focus on the game.

The critics are mixed and players should decide whether to wage on Roobet or not, but what is clear is that this site is a provably fair professional crypto crash site and no one can question that!


ehtercrash bitcoin crash site

Although it is an unprofessional duplicate of the Bustabit website, the EtherCrash site is one of the well-known ones in the industry.

The site hosts a lot of players every day, despite the surge in the Ethereum gas fee (Network Fee), the main and only crypto available on this site.

If you want to double your Ethereum on this crash site, make sure to play safe and withdraw only if necessary!

You might lose a lot of money, not betting in the game but performing transactions on Ethereum Blockchain!

5. Crash Site

bcgame bitcoin crash site

A good bitcoin crash site to play on is, without doubt, BC.Game. This site is professionally designed for professional players and is so popular among BTC fans.

Like any other crypto crash website, BC.Game allows you to place a bet and cash out before multiplier crashes. This way, you can double your wager in a matter of few rounds of betting.

Although the risk of betting on this site is high, the outcomes are completely random and fair so what you get as an outcome is not pre-planned or anything.

6. Crypto Crash

nanogames bitcoin crash site

NanoGames is a crash game site that had a nano approach toward design, marketing, and serving its users.

The game is design flawlessly and the outcomes are provably fair. This is why NanoGames has a lot of active users who are always happy because they are always winning.

If you want to play on the NanoGames site, they offer good bonuses to new players but there are a lot of rules and regulations to use them so, don’t get attached to their hospitality and try to play it simple!

7. Bitcoin Crash

trustdice bitcoin crash site

TrustDice website is one of the most trusted websites in the industry with thousands of players active at any given time playing and betting on different games.

The site offers a lot of games since it is a real money casino but it also offers one of the oldest crypto crash games the industry has ever had.

TrustDice crash game is a neatly designed game with sufficient elements of gameplay put together. Players love it because it is simple, easy, and to the point without any distraction or complication.

Trust Dice is licensed and is regulated by governing bodies and have never had any problem or lawsuits regarding its operation.

If you want to trust a site to play a crypto crash game, Trust Dice would be it!

8. Site

towerbet bitcoin crash site

The last site on our list is a fairly new one that is becoming a popular website very fast. It is called and it is a Bitcoin crash site that took Roobet’s path toward its design.

The game is loaded with graphical elements and artistic touches that gave a lively atmosphere to the game.

However, this lively atmosphere is not so popular among some. The case is the same as Roobet’s users.

The game is provably fair and outcomes are constantly monitored by regulators. The site provides lots of features for its users like a selection of good coins, instant deposits, and withdrawals.

It is also a website that you can choose to bet on and double your bits, but remember to go with a small amount since some of these new sites may go rough after a while!

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